How to Avoid Common Pitfalls During Spray Foam Insulation Installation

Spray foam insulation is an effective way to help make your home more comfortable in terms of heating as well as more energy-efficient. Yet, in order for the material to properly work, it has to be correctly installed. This includes avoiding several common errors which can compromise the installation.

Lying cells with Insufficient thickness

One of the common pitfalls to avoid during spray foam insulation is the insufficient thickness. This is more often found in closed cell installations, yet it can also be found in open cell ones as well. Insufficient thickness causes the room to become either less thermo-insulated compared to the rest of the property or to be more than it should be. Always make sure that the installation is uniform.

Overdoing or underdoing the house

Another common pitfall is not understanding the structure of your home and either over or underdo it. This more often occurs in complex houses where the building envelope can be rather challenging to see. This pitfall results into either your home gaining too much heat or losing too much of it. To avoid this issue, research about the building envelope of your type of home.

Missing some of the air leakage areas

Another commonly found error is missing some of the air leakage areas in your home. This can compromise the integrity and cause moisture and air to infiltrate to gaps which then cause damage to the interior. Prior to the installation, you should perform a test to see where the foam should be applied to prevent future leakages.

There are several common pitfalls which need to be avoided during a DIY spray foam installation. These include laying open or closed cells with an insufficient thickness which results in an improperly insulated room. And under or over-spraying your home which results in your home having great heat gain or loss. If you would like to learn more averting such pitfalls, contact a professional spray foam insulation contractor. An example of one such company is Wallis Urethane Foam Inc in Weatherford, TX.