What Does a Residential Insulation Contractor Do?

A residential insulation contractor is professionals that sell and install insulation for residential buildings. They could sell insulation products to DIY customers, in addition to installing the products they sell. Whether you choose to go the DIY route and use either rolled insulation, aluminum foil, or loose-fill, an insulation contractor should be able to offer you the basic information pertaining to the product you choose to use.

Within the U.S, insulation contractors are represented by an organization known as the ICAA or Insulation Contractors Association of America. According to federal and state rules and regulations, insulation contractors are required by law to provide specific information on the products that they sell. Manufacturer information sheets and R-values, or the resistance to heat flow are all prime examples of the information they need to provide.

Should you decide to insulate your home, choosing a professional residential insulation contractor is the most cost-effective decision you could make. Without the right insulation, heat and air conditioning will seep out of any minor cracks and crevices you have in your home. So having the right insulation will greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home, not to mention to your pocket. Numerous factors, such as construction type, climate, and living habits all go to determining which is the most effective insulation to have installed. Insulation contractors will be trained to know all these factors and choose the best material for your home.

Even though there are some installations that can be done by yourself, like rolled insulation in your attic or crawl space, other kinds are much more difficult. Should you be looking to insulate your walls or ceilings, a contractor will be your best choice. Plus, should you suffer from certain health problems, like asthma, you will need to hire a professional.

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